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New & Notable Resources

Black Lives Matter and Protest Art Exhibits to View Online 

"There are a number of Black Lives Matter and protest art exhibits now on view, many of them showing murals and street art that have been relocated. These exhibits are taking place in all kinds of venues, from large museums to college libraries and underground coffee houses, as well as in digital formats.

Here we have rounded up just some of the many current exhibits and art events that address themes of racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Many of these art events are physical exhibits that can also be viewed virtually, while some are online only." Check out these exhibits at the link above.

Online Resources

The resources below can help you learn more about how to talk about race, anti-racism, being a good ally, understanding microaggressions, and more!

screenshot of the site Talking About RaceTalking About Race - National Museum of African American History and Culture

A detailed new resource from the National Museum of African American History and Culture, part of the Smithsonian Institute, with lots of resources for educators, parents, and people committed to equity. It contains helpful advice for why and how to talk about race, along with information about different types of racism (individual, institutional, systemic, etc), how to practice anti-racism at multiple levels (individual, institutional, etc), and tons of resources organized by audience, topic, resource type, and more.

drawing of a diverse set of people smiling with their arms around one anotherHow To Be an Ally - Buzzfeed

"In order to collapse oppressive systems in the US, it takes more than just the people who are most affected by social injustices to care. It takes more than one donation or a single day of protesting to make change happen."


Want to be a good ally? Here are some things to ask yourself as you get started or continue on your journey.

text reading Killing Me Softly: A game demonstrating how it feels to suffer microaggressions and acculturative stress day after day. By Fobazi M. EttarhKilling Me Softly: A Game About Microaggressions

This text based game gives the player the opportunity to experience life as a marginalized person.

"The goal of this game is to illustrate as clearly as possible the accumulation of microaggressions and acculturative stress upon the physical and mental body, so that it may be better understood by people who may not understand how these incidents play out. Hopefully, this can be something to spread awareness and unveil the violence of standing out, and even more about the violence of blending in."


screenshot of the article What it means to be anti-racistWhat It Means to Be Anti-Racist - Vox

Explainer from the popular news site Vox on anti-racism, its history, and its practice. Includes lots of links for further reading.