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Book Lists

As librarians, we believe in the power of books, but we also recognize that reading alone cannot solve these problems. We hope these titles can help inspire you to action, which can lead to real change. We've broken the list out by topic, so find something you're passionate about, get reading, then take action in your community!

Check out these books in the Fitzgerald Library. You can also check your local public library's print and ebook catalog. Or, if you have the means to purchase, consider purchasing from a Black-owned bookstore.

Books on Antiracism

These books cover the crucial topic of antiracism and how to have often difficult and uncomfortable conversations about race as white people and non-Black people of color. 

Books on Imprisonment & Mass Incarceration

Understanding the issue of mass incarceration is essential to understanding modern US civil rights issues. Here are some books to help you learn more.

Books on Racial Segregation & Fair Housing

These books can help inform an understanding of the lasting effects of racial segregation and discriminatory housing practices in this country.

Books on the Police & the Black Community

Books on Black Feminism & Intersectionality

Begin to explore the rich tradition of Black feminism in the United States with these seminal works by Black women.

Books on Black History in the United States

This list is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of brilliant scholarship on the history of Black people in the United States. Pick one up and learn something new today!

Books of Essays

From James Baldwin to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Audre Lorde to Tressie McMillan Cottom, discover your new favorite essay collection on the African American experience.

Memoirs & Autobiographies

Books in Education