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Diversity Cafe 2020-2021

Fall Schedule

September 16 - Anti-Racism

September 23 - Personal Biases: Popularized American Perspectives on International Issues

September 30 - Anti-Blackness in POC Groups

October 21 - Allyship & Solidarity

October 28 - Immigration

November 4 - Election 2020

November 11 - Indigenous History

November 18 - TBA

(Topics subject to change!)

Diversity Cafe - Previous Topics


Muslim American Identities

Inequality in College Admissions


Intersectional Feminism


Diverse Student Leaders

Immigrants & Refugees

Access & Disability

Native Americans

Global Trans Rights

Privilege & Allyship

Self Care


Self Love & Toxic Relationships

LaSallian Identity

Language & Cultural Identity

Landscapes of Mental Illness


Indigenous Women

Power of Language

Identity, Nationalism, & Immigration

Identity & Language

Black History Month

Colorblindness & Anti-Blackness

Women's History Month

Intersectionality & Privilege

Effect of -isms

Importance of Pronouns

Deaf Pride & Mental Health

Religious & Ethnic Diversity


Content Warning

The content in this guide deals with difficult and traumatic content relating to a variety of issues including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other systems of oppression. Please exercise care for yourself and others while reviewing and engaging with this content. See the Self Care guide for tips.