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Useful Websites

AICPA: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants issues auditing and other standards for the profession, most particularly on the Statments of  Auditing Standards.

FASAB:  Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FASB: The Financial Accounting Standards Board sets authoritative standards for the US private sector.

GASB: The Governmental Accounting Standards Board sets authoritative standards for US government accounting

IMA: Institute of Management Accountants publishes Statements on Management Accounting. It provides certification of  CMA.

PCAOB: Public Company Accounting Oversight Board was created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and establishes auditing and related attestation, quality control, ethics, and independence standards and rules to be used by registered public accounting firms. Standards are available online.

SEC:  Securities and Exchange Commission administers and enforces the securities laws of the United States including issuing rules and releases regulating financial reporting of public companies. EDGAR documents available at this site.

Industrial Statistics Portal from the Census Bureau

Industry and Analysis from the International Trade Administration

Annual Survey of Manufactures from the Census Bureau

American Accounting Association

International Federation of Accountants

Careers in Accounting

Discover Accounting

Discover Accounting is "an independent, educational resource for current and prospective accounting career prospects. We provide unbiased accounting career information, education options and guides for becoming some of the various career paths within the accounting field. We update our site regularly with new content, and you can expect to find additional career guides, more school and program information and other news relevant to those in the finance and accounting fields."