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What are Reference Sources?

Reference sources for theology  include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, bible commentaries, and more. They can be in print or online in databases like CREDO or Wikipedia.

Theology print reference materials can be found on the main level of the Winona  library.  They have call numbers in the 200s.

Why Use Reference Sources

Credible Reliable Sources:

  • Authoritative publishers
  • Articles are written by well respected scholars in the field

Good Background Information:

  • Efficient method to identify key terms, dates, people, theories

Contact with the Relevant Literature:

  • Bibliographies lead to key thinkers and scholars in the field
  • Use our book catalog and journal locator to find the books and articles listed in the bibliographies

Examples from the Winona Library

CREDO Online Reference

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CREDO provides online access to 650+ full text eBooks including encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and much more.  Searches can be expanded to include articles in SMU databases for more in depth coverage. Try the Mind Map feature to get ideas for related topics and key words

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