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How to use Super Search

Locate an Article's Citation in SuperSearch

You can copy and paste citations from SuperSearch; however, be sure to check the formatting because it may be inaccurate.

How to Copy Citations in SuperSearch
  1. Go to SuperSearch.
  2. Search the title of the item in quotes (e.g., “Grapes of Wrath”).
  3. Select the title of the item to view the abstract, citation, and full text.
  4. Select Cite in the toolbar menu on the right side of the page.
  5. Find the citation style required for your assignment.
  6. Select Ctrl + C to copy the citation.
  7. Open your paper.
  8. Paste the reference into your paper by selecting Ctrl + V.
  9. Check the citation for formatting accuracy.
    Note: eBook citations are incorrect. Use the Writing Center’s eBook handout to cite eBooks.

Watch our Citing in SuperSearch tutorial for more information.

Locate Permalinks in SuperSearch

Why Use Permalinks?

We recommend using permalinks because they:

  • Work on or off-campus;

  • Don’t break over time.

Find Permalinks in SuperSearch

  1. Select the title in the search results.

  2. Select Permalink from the Tools Menu (last item in the Tools Menu. next to chain link icon.)

  3. Select the link.

  4. Select CTRL + C to copy the link.

  5. Select CTRL + V to paste the link.