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Why Use Reference Books?

Credible Reliable Sources:

  • Authoritative publishers
  • Articles are written by well respected scholars in the field

Good Background Information:

  • Efficient method to identify key terms, dates, people, theories

Contact with the Relevant Literature:

  • Bibliographies lead to key thinkers and scholars in the field
  • Use our book catalog and journal locator to find the books and articles in the bibliographies


CREDO Online Reference

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CREDO provides online access to 650+ full text eBooks including encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and much more.  Searches can be expanded to include articles in SMU databases for more in depth coverage. Try the Mind Map feature to get ideas for related topics and keywords.

Examples from the Winona Library

The Cambridge Companion to Kant

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy

This comprehensive dictionary of philosophical terms and thinkers contains approximately 5,000 entries ranging from short definitions to longer articles

A Companion to Metaphysics

Includes nearly 300 A-Z entries, along with ten extended essays on causation, fictional entities, free will, individuation, the mind/body problem, modality and possible worlds, persistence, realism and antirealism about abstract entities, space and time, and substance
Pt. 1. Extended essays -- Pt. 2. Metaphysics from A to Z.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Among the many topics covered are African, Islamic, Jewish, Russian, Chinese, and Buddhist philosophies; bioethics and biomedical ethics; art and aesthetics; epistemology; metaphysics; peace and war; social and political philosophy; the Holocaust; feminist thought; and much more. Additionally, the encyclopedia also contains 1,000 biographical entries on major figures in philosophical thought throughout history