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3. Save Articles

Now that you've found 4 articles on your topic, you can save them. Choose one of the options below:

Option 1: Download your articles

You can download your articles as PDFs and save them to your computer or cloud account.

  1. Select the full text link below each of your chosen articles.
  2. On the next page, click the download button above the article to save the PDF to your computer.
  3. Rename your file as something consistent (for instance, Author's Last Name_Article Title) so it's easier to find.


  • Feeling stuck? Watch our tutorial: Getting Full Text
  • This process looks a little different for each article. You might be taken to another page where you have to find a PDF link to download the article, like in this example:
  • Your Saint Mary's Gmail account comes with access to Google Drive. If you want, you can use it to organize your articles. Learn how to create a folder in Google Drive and upload your articles.

Option 2: Create and use a SuperSearch folder

If you prefer, you can store, organize, access, and share your articles directly from SuperSearch. To do this, you'll need to create an account in SuperSearch (this is different from when you logged in before). Note that you'll lose access to the account when you leave Saint Mary's!

  1. To create an account, select Sign In to EBSCO Folders in the top right side of the SuperSearch screen.
  2. Select Create a New Account.
  3. Fill out the form. Tip: You can use your regular Saint Mary's username and password. But don't use the Continue with Google buttons, as they don't work correctly.
  4. Select Save Changes.
  5. When logged in, your name will appear in the top right of SuperSearch. If it says “Sign Into EBSCO Folders,” click that link and sign in before saving anything.
  6. To save articles, click the blue folder icon to the right of the title of the item you want to save: