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5. Cite in APA Format

When you write your paper, you'll include quotations and ideas from the articles you found. Make sure you're giving credit to the authors by citing your references using APA format.

Save time by copying APA citations from SuperSearch:

  1. Select the title of the item in the search results page.
  2. Select Cite in the toolbar menu on the right sidebar (see screenshot below).
  3. Copy and paste the APA 7th edition citation into your paper.
  4. Correct the citation’s formatting. Tip: You can compare your citation with an example citation. Pay special attention to capitalization, italics, and the link at the end of the citation.
  5. If you like, use Microsoft Word tools to fix and alphabetize your citations. To learn more, check out the Writing Center’s Microsoft Word tutorials.

Learn More (Optional)

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