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Spring 2022

Diversity Cafe will meet select Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm.

January 31 - 13th Documentary Discussion (virtual meeting)

February 21 - SAFE Zones Training (virtual meeting)

March 14 - Student Mental Health

April 4 - A Night at the Museum

April 25 - New African Immigration to the United States

Diversity Café, which for the past year and a half has offered many students an easy-access way to meet the Cultural Engagement Experience requirements of the Integratus Program, will be changing its format for the upcoming spring semester. A series of 5 gatherings will be scheduled for Monday evenings, and participation will be capped at 30, to allow for better discussion. The expectation is that everyone who does not have a documented need will attend in person.

UPDATE: The cap of 30 students enrolled for CE credit has been reached. To join the waiting list, email Dr. Erich Lippman.

Students wishing to meet their CE requirements will need to 

  1. enroll in CE101 or CE102 during the normal registration period (November 8 through the first week of the spring semester, when the Drop/Add period ends). 
  2. submit their name to Dr. Erich Lippman as soon as they do so.

In order to complete the experience and have their participation verified, students will need to attend at least 4 of the 5 scheduled Diversity Cafés. No late registrations will be accepted, and once the cap is reached, no more CE enrollments for Diversity Café will be processed. We hope this will result in a more organized, intentional, and meaningful experience for all participants. 

Fall 2021

During Fall 2021, Diversity Café will meet Mondays from 12:15-1:05 pm in Salvi Lecture Hall (SM 322)

October 25 - Minnesota’s Pipeline: Line 3 and Indigenous Rights

November 1 - So You Attend a PWI: Navigating Whiteness and White Spaces

November 8 - Appropriation of African-American Vernacular English

November 15 - Asian Hate: Then and Now

November 22 - Navigating Whiteness and White Spaces, Part 2