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Tips for Searching Databases

Multiple Key Words or Phrases: Place in separate boxes or separate by Boolean operators. Don’t string them together all on one line as you would in Google.

Put phrases in quotation marks:  "classroom management"  "educational technology" 

Truncation: Add an asterisk * to the end of a term to retrieve results with multiple endings. For example: educat* will retrieve records for education, educators, educating, etc.

Boolean Operators can help you expand or narrow your search:

AND: ("classroom management" AND technology) Narrows your search so that only records containing both search terms come back to you.

OR: (teachers OR instructors, education OR instruction) Broadens your search so that all records containing the term teachers as well as all records containing the term instructors come back to you etc.

NOT: (pianos NOT electronic) Narrows your search so that you get records about pianos but none that are about electronic pianos