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Tips for Searching Databases

Multiple Key Words or Phrases: Place in separate boxes or separate by Boolean operators. Don’t string them together all on one line as you would in Google.

Phrase Search: Use quotation marks to indicate a phrase search (“Spanish civil war,” "income inequality")

Truncation: Add an asterisk * to the end of a term to retrieve results with multiple endings
For example: histor* will retrieve records for history, historical, historian, historicity, etc. 

Boolean Operators can help you expand or narrow your search

AND: (refugees AND Serbia) Narrows your search so that only records containing both search terms come back to you.
OR: (moral OR ethical) Broadens your search so that all records containing the word moral as well as all records containing the word ethical come back to you.
NOT: (Nero NOT Wolfe) will brings back records about the emperor but none that are about the mystery novelist Nero Wolfe.

Journal Finder: What Journals Does the Library Have?

Search for Journal Titles

If you have a citation for an article, use Publication Finder to see whether the library has full-text access to the journal in which the article appears. Search for the title of the journal. 

Journal Finder lists all the journals, magazines, and newspapers that the library subscribes to and provides links to those that are online.

If we don't have the journal for the article you need you may request the article through interlibrary loan.