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Lauren's Personal Librarian Page

Hello from your Personal Librarian 

I am the Interlibrary Loan Librarian which simply means I work with other libraries to find books and articles we do not have here and see you receive your requests.  My other job is the Electronic Resources and Serials librarian; I manage the databases and our subscriptions to journals, magazines and newspapers and  make sure they are available.  You will find me at the Reference Desk or in my office where I can help with any research challenges you have. I like hearing about what you are learning and look forward to helping you.

 I Work With:


  • Art Majors
  • Business Majors
  • Communication Majors
  • Education Majors
  • Music Majors
  • Theatre & Dance Majors
  • Biking, Hiking, Kayaking
  • Visiting museums
  • Traveling

What Can I Do for You?

  • Answer your questions about library policies, procedures and services such as interlibrary loan, reserves, or your library account
  • Work with you on your research assignments, by helping you develop your research question, formulate your search strategy, and identify the best sources
  • Share tips and tricks for navigating library databases and catalogs so that you can become an accomplished researcher
  • Meet with you on Tuesday evenings


Inspiration and content ideas for this page from Yale University Library.  Thank you.